Train your staff to

raise staff awareness

If Information is Safe then Your Corporation is Safe

A person who is preparation of a phishing attack prepares a “lure” and waits until “fish” are caught to that lure. You should be conscious about phishing attacks to avoid major losses. Training library; ensure training of your personnel

on computer in terms of information security with interactive, animated, simulated and dramatized training contents. Submit test and report the results at the end of the training.

Interactive Education
Exercise and Gamification
Question Pool


  • Awareness training library
  • Interactive training contents
  • Creating self trainings
  • Creating unlimited training
  • On-computer training
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Question Pool

Test your personnel with information security questions from different categories available in the Question Pool.
  • Unlimited question adding and editing
  • Categorizing question types
  • Up-to-date question library
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It provides solid information whether
the employee has succeeded or failed
upon completion of training.
  • Creating unlimited test
  • Determining the success percentile
  • Viewing the test results
  • Checking correct/false answers
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Switch to a system
wherethe awareness
your personnel is
improved not only
through training
but also by doing
exercises and playing
games to reinforce the
received trainings.

Train your personnel on-computer.

Language Support

You can send the trainings to your personnel in English.


All trainings are available with subtitle options for your hearing impaired personnel.

Animation and Dubbing

Trainings are recorded in Turkish and English.


Automatic reminder is provided to the personnel everyday or in certain periods optionally, for trainings which are not completed.

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