Frequently Asked Questions

Can we use the application on-premise?

It can be run on your intranet depending on the demand of your corporation or used as a cloud-based solution.

Are, GEHS and Incident Response applications intended for separate purchase? is a product used to maximize personnel awareness and e-mail security. When 3 platforms are together they serve to the purpose of the system as a whole. Service is provided in an integrated manner.

Does the Incident Response application violate the privacy of staff (email)?

It is a product developed to control e-mail security without violating personnel privacy. Analysis and viewing is done only through the reported e-mail.

Can we send e-mail with the domain name we choose?

Our application has no domain name restriction. It is possible to create the domain names you choose and send e-mail.

Can suspicious e-mail be eliminated without establishing exchange integration?

You can perform all actions on suspicious e-mail using Outlook Add-in we have specially developed without establishing exchange connection.

What are the server requirements for On-Premise use?

All of our applications are Linux-based. Requirements vary depending on the number of users.

Can we integrate our security products for e-mail analysis?

Integration with your security products is realized through on-site work.

What are the differences between Secure Electronic Communication Simulation and Incident Response?

Secure Electronic Communication Simulation tests your security infrastructure against the known weaknesses and allows you to eliminate the gaps. Incident Intervention allows analysis of suspicious e-mails which pass through the security products and reach to the end user and elimination of the threat.