Phishing Simulation

Choose and arrange your attack scenario among hundreds of ready templates in order to increase personnel awareness and e-mail security and simulate phishing attacks.

Education Library

Ensure training of your personnel on computer in terms of information security with interactive, animated, simulated and dramatized training contents. Submit test and report the results at the end of the training.

Incident Response

It helps you to assists the IT team to prioritize and manage potentially malicious e-mails reported by the employees. Identifies e-mail threats quickly and helps eliminating them.

Secure Electronic Messaging Simulation

 Simulate the known attacks using secure electronic communication simulation and close the vulnerabilities identified to ensure your security.

Results of 1 Year of Usage


Rate of increase in the number of personnel who do not click on the link in the e-mail

Data Input

Rate of increase in the number of users who do not enter personal details on the page that pops up.

Opening File

Rate of increase in the number of personnel who do not execute the harmful file in the e-mail

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