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Provide rapid intervention to the incidents

A solution product that helps the IT team prioritize and manage potentially malicious

e-mails reported by personnel. E-mail threats are quickly identified and intervened. 

Header Analysis
URL Analysis
Attached Document Analysis
Generating Rule
Generating Tag
Generating Action

Outlook Add-in

With Outlook Add-in, you can perform suspicious e-mail transactions on e-mail basis without the need for additional requirement.
  • Detecting and deleting suspicious e-mail on basis of personnel
  • The process of quarantining and removing suspicious e-mail
  • Passive and active link address in suspicious e-mail

Detecting and deleting suspicious e-mail for all users with one click with exchange integration 

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Automated E-mail Analysis

Automatic analysis and tagging of e-mail threat with YARA rules.
  • Header Analysis
  • Body Analysis
  • File Analysis

Providing automatic group from suspicious e-mail which includes same header, attached file, URL and sender address.

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Automatic Action

It provides you to automatically respond to events depending on the rules you create or independently.
  • Create an action for all e-mails
  • Create an action specifically for the tags
  • Create a special action for e-mails that do not have tags
  • Create manual action for using manual analysis
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Phishing Report

Personnel detects the suspicious e-mail with phishing simulation and education, so they help prevent vulnerability.
  • Outlook
  • Office 365
  • OWA

Include your personnel in security with Phishing Report Add-in. 

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Analysis of e-mail with Threat Intelligence Resources and Virus Total

Performing quick and easy analysis with the domain, IP, URL and hash information of suspicious e-mail in integrated intelligence resources

Attached Document Analysis

Performing analysis, the file that included in the e-mail attached with Virus Total and OTX resources.

URL Analysis

Providing the results by analyzing the link addresses in e-mail content with the domain and IP information.


The process of serving the reported e-mail information for SYSLog Server with automatic actions.

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