Test your staff to

increase personal awareness

Your Personnel is Your Security

Attackers who are aware that people constitute the weakest link in a security system frequently choose phishing attacks for hacking data.

Olta.la simulates phishing attacks to maximize personnel awareness and e-mail security and to ensure that you maintain information security.

Phishing Template Library
Easy to Use
Suspicious Email Attachment
Automated Phishing
Detailed Inquiry
Report System

Phishing Template Library

  • 300+ ready to use e-mail template
  • HTML & rich text infrastructure for preparation of template
  • Creation of welcome and forwarding page
  • E-mail sending on basis of Name/Surname
  • Awareness and data input tests
  • Annexed and downloadable file tests ( Word, Excel, PDF and HTML)
  • Name, address of the sender and subject editing
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USB Simulation Test

Learn about the reactions of your users to the unknown USBs.
  • Download our specially “marked” file.
  • Copy on any USB and label it.
  • Leave them to the certain locations of your corporation.

Be aware of danger.

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Report System

Tracking of grading of department, group, personnel and the entire corporation.
  • Corporate report card
  • Personnel report card
  • Group report card
  • Department report card
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Choose or edit your attack
scenario among hundreds of
ready-to-use templates,
test the awareness of your personnel.

Olta.la can be run on your intranet depending on the demand of your corporation or used as a cloud-based solution.

Personnel Log

LDAP, CSV and manual management
Addition of special field details (age, city etc.)
Creation of group by filtering according to special areas

Detailed Query

The most phished
Not phished
Failing the trainings
Not receiving training
Not taking test
Report card grade

Automated Phishing

Select the scenarios and test frequency you wish and let Olta.la test, train and report automatically.

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