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increase your

corporate security.

Test Your Security Infrastructure

Allows you to test your electronic communication infrastructure against the known vulnerabilities and to report the results in detail, and ensures that you improve security of your infrastructure further.

It helps you to eliminate the weaknesses identified in the result of the simulation quickly using the suggested solutions.

Configuration Check
Harmful File Analysis
Ransomware Analysis
Customization Infrastructure
Rule Creation
New Vector Creation


  • Test the resistance of your Anti-spam, Antivirus and Firewall applications against present attacks.
  • Program instant or regular tests.
  • Apply solution suggestions against insecure file types.
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Vector Pool

Attacking with all known attack vectors
  • Adding new vector
  • Suggesting solution

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Detecting all vulnerabilities in the infrastructure
  • Customizable Instructions
  • Security checks
  • Minimization of risks
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Simulate the known
attacks using
Secure Electronic
Messaging Simulation
and close the
identified to
ensure your security.

Eliminating the vulnerabilities in IPS, firewall and anti-spam solutions.

Configuration check

Tests your e-mail server, security configuration of your e-mail filtering rules.

Harmful file analysis

Simulates the known harmful files and tests security of Anti-virus applications. (exe, zip, pdf, mp4, html, doc vb.)

Ransomware analysis

Simulates the known ransomware attacks and tests them on your firewall.

Customization infrastructure

In addition to the current attacks, it allows you to use in the tests, the vectors you have created.

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